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Only as strong as the foundations...

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

With Southern Quarter opening its doors yesterday – and today being the first day that the Foundation classes have been available – I decided to put my nerves and apprehension aside and get myself booked in. Being a total Crossfit newbie, I am required – rightly so – to complete 3x Foundation classes before being allowed to book on to ‘proper’ classes.

I have always looked at people who do Crossfit with admiration. I see them throwing themselves up and over the bars, swinging from the rings and climbing the ropes like they’re a flight of stairs and thought, ‘not a chance!’. What I didn’t realise was that Crossfit – in its simplest form – is an individual workout in a group setting. You push yourself as hard as YOU can, and feed off the support, encouragement and ‘buzz’ of the collective group.

Keen to get stuck in to other classes, I’ve booked all 3x Foundation classes back-to-back this week.

Let’s do this!

Foundation 1 – DONE ✅

Foundation 2 – Wednesday 0730

Foundation 3 – Thursday 0730

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