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Whilst Kyle may be all alone in his little boat during the crossing, this extraordinary undertaking is far from a solo effort. He simply cannot do it without amazing sponsors and partners like you and those listed below! Continuing with the message of Skin Cancer awareness, Sponsorship Packages have been themed around sun-creams, and attempts have been made to accommodate all budgets. Should you wish to support – and haven’t seen a suitable package – please get in touch to discuss bespoke options. 

As a Sponsor you will work together to maximise exposure and raise the profile of your Company or Brand on a huge domestic and global scale, right through until mid-2025! Your Company or Brand can expect to receive local, national and international attention through inclusion in television, press, radio, social media posts and clothing branding. 

Breaking from tradition and limiting the number of Sponsorship Packages available, Kyle aims to ensure that each Sponsor receives uncrowded visibility and media exposure, on both the national and international platform during his campaign, thereby rewarding your support as much as possible.

High-quality creative content and product endorsements will be further enhanced with regular social media posts and PR events, providing up to date information on the development of The OARburn Rowers campaign and race preparation. Royalty free content – including video, live-streams and other multi-media content – is available to all Sponsors and Partners via Atlantic Campaigns dedicated professional Race Media Team before, during and after the race.

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