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Race Start: 12 December 2024

Holding the well-deserved title of The World's Toughest Rowing Race, the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge - organised by Atlantic Campaigns - sees rowers undertake the unsupported 3000-mile Atlantic Ocean crossing, to a global audience of millions.

With waves regularly exceeding 40ft, the ocean is an uncompromising leveller. The journey from La Gomera to Antigua will require me to contend with severe sleep deprivation, hallucinations and - as a solo rower - complete isolation for the anticipated 40-60 days at sea


Putting aside the mental demands of this monumental challenge, the crossing requires the completion of over 1.5 million oar strokes and sees competitors losing an average of 12kg despite consuming over 6,000 calories per day!

Battling the Atlantic storms, navigating shark infested waters and traversing international shipping lanes will become part of daily business - all in the 20ft ocean rowing boat that I'll be calling home - in the name of adventure and raising vital funds for charity.

...there's a reason why more people have summited Everest or been to space, than have rowed an ocean!

Want to get involved?

The Challenge: Philanthropy
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