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Foundations ✅

Having fought through the sore legs, abs, shoulders, arms and pretty much everything else (thank you Izzy!), I am now ready to be let loose on the full set of classes.

After Foundation 1 – and surfing the dopamine surge – I got a little carried away with class booking… so carried away I accidentally booked 2 sessions on Friday (I thought one of them was a Saturday!) Even so, I refuse to cancel one of them!

Friday 1500 - Weightlifting with Crazy Strength (Craig Spicer)

Friday 1930 - SAREN53 (named after a rock at nearby Stonehenge and focuses on the primal aspects of strength and Strongman style training)

What I LOVE about Southern Quarter – and the wodify App – is the sense of accountability it gives you. I have found if you cancel a class – as I did when I realised, I could make an earlier session – your name appears at the top of the reservation list, struck through with the word ‘CANCELLED’ next to it. Of-course there isn’t an issue with doing this – life sometimes gets in the way and these things happen, and it certainly isn’t there to embarrass – but it helps give me a sense of accountability and consequence. I quite like that...

To quote Roy T. Bennett, “…do what is right, not what is easy…”.

Foundation 1 – DONE ✅

Foundation 2 – DONE ✅

Foundation 3 – DONE ✅

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